For Holler Customers

What is this?

Hi, welcome. HOLLER.BABY is a platform for people to buy shoutouts or mini ads on podcasts, YouTube shows, or livestreams. We will have a creator index soon, but for now you need to find creator pages directly from the creators who are on the platform. If they aren't on the platform, tell them they should be!

What is a Holler?

A Holler is what we call one of these shoutouts which can be purchased. They can be up to 10 words in length. Purchasing a Holler means you want the creator to say these words exactly on their podcast or stream.

Do I need to log in or have an account to purchase?

No, you do not! However, customer accounts will be optional and available later this year.

How long does it take once I purchase a Holler?

This depends on the creator. Podcasts usually have turnaround times that can be anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. Livestreams will likely be quicker.

How do I know when my Holler is going to air?

You'll receive a notification when your Holler is "Completed", which means it's airing soon and to be on the look out for it. We'd be happy to help you locate it if you're having trouble, just send a message to support@holler.baby.

I have other questions or support needs.

Email us at support@holler.baby.

For Holler Creators

Is this free?

Yes! Holler is free to sign up and free to use. When you sell and complete Hollers for your audience, you will get paid and Holler will take a 20% commission, plus we cover your stripe fees.

Can I get help setting up my page?

We'd absolutely love to help. Email us at creators@holler.baby and we'll setup a time to do that.

How do I get verified?

Email us at creators@holler.baby.

What if I don't like someone's purchased Holler?

You can reject any Holler which will return the money to the customer, just click on the Holler from your dashboard and click "Reject".

I want to take breaks from accepting Hollers.

There's a big On/Off button on your Dashboard, simply set your account status to "off" 😉

How should I set my prices?

Think like your audience. How much would they pay for you to say up to ten words on your podcast or stream?